Reel Wings Flying Duck Decoy Kit (Standard)

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Each Flying Duck decoy kit comes complete with Patent Pending motion wrap, and 60 yards of line. Also, this flying duck decoy works for speckle belly, This Flying duck decoy also works great with Reel Wings 360 motion pole. Made of a Rubber material and has a carbon fiber dowel system so it wont Break!

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Recommended (Duck):
Fly 1 Snow Goose and 2 Duck Decoys (per hunter)

Tip: Fly two reel wings duck decoys and one snow decoy per hunter. I know, I know... why a snow decoy??? Trust us! Fly your duck decoy behind your spread lower to the ground and fly your snow decoy behind your spread also but fly much higher then your duck decoys.... watch how the duck are attracted to the white flash!

For more tips watch our TV show, Waterfowl Obsession TV now on The Sportmans Channel

Check us out on Waterfowl Obsession TV on the Sportsmans Channel or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for show times. 

What makes Reel Wings so Deadly is that they take wind to fly, each decoy reacts differently swooping and swaying so no two ever look alike and on the days that there is no wind of course they dont fly so the birds will not get used to seeing them every day. You can of course hook your Reel Wings Flying decoy to our new 360 motion pole for use on the low wind days. 

All Reel Wings Flying Decoys are painted with Bird Vision UV Decoy Paints to give you the extra edge.

Don't forget to check out our
Bird Vision Iridescent Metallic Green Paint
to paint on your existing duck decoys!

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